Cell Advanced Manufacturing & Production

CREATE Symposium | CREATE Tower | 1 CREATE Way | Singapore 138602

10 Jan 2017

Registration closed for CAMP Symposium

In advance of this CREATE Symposium, the following links provide background reading on related discussions in Singapore and internationally.

Why now?

16 Jan 2017 (Mon). Registration closed.​​​​​​​​

The global supply chain for cell and cell-based manufacturing includes many types of companies, academic and clinical researchers, and government agencies. These include big pharma, small and medium manufacturers, and regulators. Public awareness of career opportunities and health implications is an important driver. All stakeholders are key to advanced manufacturing of affordable, safe cell and cell-based medicines.

​Asia becoming the fastest growing market for cell therapies

31 December 2016

C. Hildreth (BioInformant CEO)

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Why you?

Solving unmet needs in HSC transplants via manufacturing innovation

5 Sept 2016

Interview with Gamida Cell CEO, Yael Margolin

C. Hildreth (BioInformant CEO)

Cell manufacturing & therapy in the news

13 Jan 2017

SMART BioSyM Annual Review, CREATE

CAR-T cells motoring to market in 2017?

5 Dec 2016

Z Chustecka (MedScape)

16 Jan 2017

CAMP Symposium

CREATE, Singapore

US National Institute for Manufacturing Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL) announced

16 Dec 2016

The US announced a new Manufacturing USA Institute dedicated to innovation in production of current protein therapies and emerging therapies including cell therapies. Details will be featured at the CREATE Symposium for CAMP!

-Krystyn J. Van Vliet and Stacy Springs

MIT members of new NIIMBL team 

Cells therapies are emerging biopharmaceutical products that require technological innovation and regulation for safe, scalable manufacturing at reasonable cost of goods, for human health needs including personalized medicine.