Cell Advanced Manufacturing & Production

CREATE Symposium | CREATE Tower | 1 CREATE Way | Singapore 138602

Cell therapy is an emerging mode of clinical treatment, complementing and potentially surpassing pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals to treat autoimmune, degenerative, and chronic diseases from arthritis to cancer. Stem, progenitor, and modified immune cells are key parts of this new therapy toolbox, but the technology, infrastructure, and trained workforce to produce and manufacture cells at the scale and safety required for human use are not yet fully established. Much innovation and cross-disciplinary collaboration are required. The growth of personalized medicine means that this type of advanced manufacturing must be innovated, commercialized, and regulated locally and internationally. 

Monday 16 January 2017

CREATE Theatre @ CREATE Tower, 1 CREATE Way, Singapore 138602


This symposium discusses the current state-of-art and opportunities for Singapore to become a world leader in cell manufacturing. Biological cell-based therapies offer the potential to improve human health, but require advanced manufacturing technologies and workforces to produce cells and cell-products safely and at scale. This symposium addresses challenges and opportunities in cell and cell-product manufacturing in Singapore and the US. This public symposium includes industry, academic, and government stakeholders in the research, innovation, and enterprise to produce cell products ranging from regenerative stem cells to cancer therapies to vaccines. Please plan to join and register (free) today!

This CREATE Symposium is organized on the CREATE campus at NRF Headquarters, co-organized by SMART BioSyM (Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research & Technology BioSystems & Micromechanics) & A*STAR BTI (Bioprocessing Technology Institute).

Lonza is a key industry sponsor of this symposium.


What is advanced manufacturing of cells?

CREATE Symposium

CREATE is the Singapore National Research Foundation's Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise, a world-class facility for research centres in which top universities worldwide collaborate with Singapore-based universities, clinics, and research agencies.


SMART BioSyM was launched in 2009, and engineers technology platforms for detection, diagnosis, and treatment of degenerative diseases prevalent in Singapore. SMART is in CREATE.

Lead PI: Prof. Krystyn J. Van Vliet, MIT

Program Manager: Bala Narayanan